Herb Lester is know for their very stylized travel guides of locations around the World.  I was asked to design one such guide for the city of Liverpool, England.  I began by heavily researching maps and other artwork that have been done on Liverpool.  Once I gathered enough inspiration, I started sketching ideas.

A small look at all the inspiration Herb Lester provides designers.  A perfect place to get color inspiration.
I’ll admit the drawings are not much to look at.  That’s not really the point of sketching.  It’s meant to get your ideas from your mind to something physical.  I knew I wanted to add curves to my front cover illustration- something that was sort of,  out of my comfort zone.  Everytime I drew- I tried to improve the concept.  I would take pieces I liked and add them to the new drawing.

From this point I took the drawings into Illustrator and just blocked out shapes.   At this point it was very crude, but I was sure I wanted to use curvy shapes and fill them with brick textures.  I landed on the color scheme pretty early.  I guess I based it off the Union Jack flag.

Crude shapes, textures and colors.

Once I got approval on the sketches I started drawing more key elements found in the city and went through a few more color and textures experiments. 

I kept experimenting until I landed on what I felt was the right balance of colors and textures.   I also drew supporting illustrations and a map to show attractions.

The map is available now from Herb Lester.  Pick up a copy here!